Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wall of water crits QLD for $dick

So the floods of 2011 are here and well seems natural disasters don't fuck around. This being the first one I have been in I can't help but think if water restrictions were lifted off our area's could this of been avoided or at least mitigated a bit more.

The effect of the flood on myself is pretty much non existent how ever my local kebab shop and Mcdonalds went under which was a tragedy cause lets all face fact who the fuck wants to eat Red Rooster ( For the Americans who may not know red Rooster is like KFC except they do this mysterious thing where they roast the chicken not deep fry)

Now where I live I am pretty much in a safe zone if a flood happens how ever several nearby suburbs less than 100-200 meters away from me got owned

 Picture above is the Ipswich Motorway which is about 200 meters away from my house the water around there would easily be 10 meters+ deep
.Local park just around the corner there is a road under that water somewhere along with a house to the right.

Now I seen pictures my grandparents took of the 1974 floods and in comparison 2011 is quite tame to what it could of been

Another shot of the Ipswich Motorway imo if peopel didn't live there I would think water views liks this would be quite awesome.
And the local caravan park, add some outboard motors and a few plastic drums and these poor people would of had full laughing rites at everyone else.

These are just some snippets of my area and the flood waters are slowly receding now but damn the damage are going to be easily in the millions. How ever the only delightful irony in all of this is a lot of the debris has been reported on our local MP's office roof rightfully where trash and shit belongs.


  1. Damn that is crazy. How deep in the water were you going with that snorkel?

  2. geez man... that's crazy, i never have flooding where I am!

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