Monday, October 11, 2010

And so it begins.....

And well it begins an idea suggested to me one night by some drinking buddies that I should review stuff due to my drunken rant on how beer with simple packing taste better than beer with bells and whistles.

After seeking advice from friends and family on if this is a good idea, (Supposedly I may end up looking down the barrel of the lawsuit gun due to companies unable to handle some criticism) I have decided to go on ahead with it regardless, I mean worse case scenario is I get sued but shit happens.

Anyway in the next few weeks I shall start to begin my reviews of beers from around the world. (By world I mean the local 1st choice nearby which as they stated has beers from around the world.)

I also intend to try and review movies, TV episodes and every now and then video games (pending if there is anything decent out there that will catch my eye).

So please ladies and gents feel free to leave comments, criticism and even the papers you try to serve me with on my site and I'll try my best to to acknowledge you.

1 comment:

  1. Test comment - I don't normally comment on blogs and had to make a google account to check if this works.

    Regarding lawsuits: there is an exception under Australian Law and equivalent legislation world wide to copyright infringement if the material is used for the purpose of criticism or review, which is pretty much what you are doing here.

    Just make sure everything is properly attributed and as long as it isn't TOO vitriolic (and thats a pretty high standard) it shouldn't be defamatory either.

    Good luck! I will be following and making comments whenever I can be bothered.