Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good lord it's time for a random rant.

Another day another rant, except this one is about a fun tasty topic; Video games. Yes the one thing that keeps me and a majority of the world sane.

There's just a weeeeeeee little problem, Beating a Dead Horse.

Video game developers seem to have no clue on how to create new fun games for us to enjoy, for example let's look at Nintendo and a few of there series like Poke'mon and Mario.

Pokemon Started back in 1996 with 151 fun little creatures that knock the shit out of each other for sport, nearly 15 years later they are still beating the dead horse and are now running out of ideas for new creatures. It seems one of their developers decided to take every day animals along with the poke'mon they have already made throw them into the spore editor add some dongs and *BAM* we know have a pikachu with dongs for ears and we splashed it with blu paint.

Every series comes to an eventual end and pokemon has gone way past it's due date.

Now the Mario series I would bitch and whine about it but I find it would be more appropriate to bag out on the Legend of Zelda series instead but then I realised it's really the same series just they changed the weapons it seriously is it's all the same down to the 1 game in each series where it wasn't Gannon as the main antagonist(for those who dont have a clue Super Mario Brothers 2 and Link's Awakening).

For people who haven't played either series (die in a small fire) here's the general concept; Mario/Link find out Peach/Zelda got kidnapped by Bowser/Gannon and they have to go save them. except each time the world has changed along with weapons and ability concepts. There is no originality in these games anymore and it's slowly dying out.

Now a company that has a clue or it may just be a case of laziness or cbf syndrome is Valve.

Yes Valve, the wonderful people who brought us our favorite mute hero in the FPS genre every series they have made seems to finish at the number 2. Half-life 1/2, Half-Life 2 episode 1/2 the list goes on and it seems to be wokring for them.

Video game parent companies need to know when to stop and or give up. Theres not plot twist in story lines anymore the games are way to predictable and it's just annoying. I'm not saying I can do a better job but I'm pretty sure I could use 2 million dollars of nintendo/sega/ea/activisions money to make a concept/story/game that would shit on anything they have previously made.

But hey I can't really complain I spend my spare time speed running metroid/castlvevania games which are doing the exact same thing but at least they have added storyline and plot points into their series which is why I support them.

For those of you who cbf reading this rant tl;dr - Developers need to stop beating a dead horse and make something new/beat on a dead cow instead.

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