Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bill O'reilly is a biggot

Ahhh daytime T.V. you always seem to entertain me with your early morning antic and shenanigans, how ever this morning there was a nice video clip from a talk show in the U.S. called The View.

Fast Forward to around 1:50 mark to get the gist of what I am ranting about.

Now I'm all for free speech and what not but Bill O'reilly seems to have overstepped this time. Why? well as we know several years ago a tragedy happened in the U.S. the September 11 Attacks. From what we have been fed it seems extremists flew some planes into the world trade center buildings killing thousands.

Now the part in that video clip that pisses me off is he specifically stated that "Muslims" were responsible for 9/11, now this part may have a certain truth to it how ever they were extremists, people who read too much into what they believe. It's in my view a fair call to say extremists were the ones who caused the attacks not muslims in general.

Now the reason for the spark on the set of the view from what I can understand is the proposed plans to build a mosque on the site of the 9/11 attacks. Now I have no issues with religon myself but I can see why this is a bit of a stupid idea.

A majority of the U.S. still has not recovered form what has happend and plamting a mosque in the middle of ground zero will upset people who have the view of Bill O'reilly thinking muslims are responsible for 9/11. These people are complete idiots but have a valid point putting a mosque there is like planting a flag on territory that has been taken over.

How ever I have no idea of the layout of New York city, but I'm pretty sure you could build it somewhere else to keep both parties happy. When the argument first started about the building of the mosque there were plenty of people voicing their opinions on the idea. I remember one American citizen who clearly stated he was a Muslim and said this idea was bad because of the feelings of the general public.

But people will be sheep and believe what the media tells them. Stop the shit get a clue and listen reason Bill you sir are a dick and quite frankly if someone shot you in the face they are going to hand the gunman a medal a key to the city and hand him a presidential pardon.

But enough from me this weekend I shall be reviewing some tasty beverages and giving the world my 2 cents on them, and remember Muslims did not cause 9/11. Muslim Extremists who are idiots did.

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